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  What is LeadershipPlenty®?  
  LeadershipPlenty® is a copyrighted training program developed by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change for people who want to work with others to take action in their communities. The program offers detailed plans for delivering nine highly interactive sessions or “modules,” each approximately six hours in length, that equip participants with key skills needed for community problem solving. Identifying community assets, managing conflict, planning for action, and measuring results are just a few of those skills. The training program also includes a weekend retreat or “practicum” offering a more intensive focus on communicating about race and race relations.  
  Who is LeadershipPlenty® for?  
  LeadershipPlenty® is designed for people from different backgrounds and occupations who want to participate more effectively in community problem solving. Participants in the training could be individual citizens unaffiliated with any particular community group or representatives from a wide array of organizations, including civic and volunteer groups, neighborhood associations, religious organizations, universities and community colleges, regional planning initiatives, and social service agencies. Ideally, LeadershipPlenty® groups should reflect the racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity of the community.  
  What resources are available to LeadershipPlenty® programs?  
  Individuals licensed to offer the LeadershipPlenty® program are provided a Facilitator’s Guide that includes the curriculum, group handouts for participants, and specific guidance for leading the training sessions. A Condensed Modules Workbook is available as a companion to the Facilitator’s Guide for groups that must experience the training in an abbreviated format. Other resources include a full set of evaluation tools and a password-protected website of materials for LeadershipPlenty® trainers. The Facilitator’s Guide, which includes the training curriculum, is provided only to those organizations/individuals trained by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change through the LeadershipPlenty® Institute, and who agree to the Terms of Use to deliver a LeadershipPlenty® program. All participant readings and handouts are included ready for photocopying and are available online to be downloaded and printed to a desktop printer. Note that the facilitator’s portion of the book cannot be photocopied.  
  Who can use LeadershipPlenty® training materials?  
  Only people trained by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change through the LeadershipPlenty® Institute can use the materials. The license to use LeadershipPlenty® cannot be transferred to other individuals or organizations.  
  What research formed LeadershipPlenty®?  
  The Pew Partnership for Civic Change invested half a million dollars over five years to create and test a substantive leadership curriculum that equips citizens with the skills necessary to take civic action in their communities. LeadershipPlenty® has been implemented in more than 30 states and several foreign countries and is available in English, Spanish, and low literacy versions. Evaluation data have been compiled on more than 1,300 graduates.  
  What are the responsibilities of the trainers?  
  LeadershipPlenty® trainers are expected to comply fully with the Terms of Use agreement that they must submit prior to registration at any LeadershipPlenty® train-the-trainer session. Among the stipulations of the Terms of Use agreement is that the nine modules must be taught using the full curriculum or the condensed version. Further, use of only selected modules in combination with other training materials does not constitute a LeadershipPlenty® training program. Finally, our research tells us that LeadershipPlenty® is only effective if participants attend every module session and in the order presented. This is a condition of the Terms of Use.  
  Can we charge participants for the training?  
  The Pew Partnership for Civic Change’s commitment to accessibility precludes programs from making a profit on the LeadershipPlenty® program. If programs must charge a fee, it should only be to recover the actual costs of delivering the training. In the case of LeadershipPlenty® being used as a college or university class for credit, tuition may be charged provided the Pew Partnership for Civic Change is notified.  
  Is there more than one version of LeadershipPlenty® available?  
  There are three versions of LeadershipPlenty® currently available: the full and condensed English language version, the Spanish version, and a new version for young people, YouthPlenty®, will be available in 2006. The English version has handouts available for low literacy audiences as well.  
  How do I contact the Pew Partnership for Civic Change or the LeadershipPlenty® Institute?  
  The fastest way to reach us with general questions is by e-mail ( Please include “LeadershipPlenty®” in the subject line.  
  My organization wants to be trained in LeadershipPlenty®, how do I start the process?  
  There are two ways to certify individuals as LeadershipPlenty® trainers. There is the option of an on-site training for a group of 20-25 people. The other option is for smaller teams (3-5) people to be trained at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center in Roanoke, Virginia. This second option is made available through our partnership with Virginia Tech University.

For more information: Getting Started with LeadershipPlenty®
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