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  Partnering with the Pew Partnership for Civic Change for delivery of LeadershipPlenty® is easy. Through the LeadershipPlenty® Institute we teach our nationally recognized curriculum to implementers from your organization. Those implementers then train groups of citizens to deliver LeadershipPlenty®. This train-the-trainer approach allows you to implement a number of programs simultaneously.

Our services are geared to making a long-term impact on your community. The cost of certifying a group of up to 25 trainers from your organization in LeadershipPlenty® includes an initial leadership development consultation with the Pew Partnership’s president, Dr. Suzanne Morse, the onsite delivery of the three-day train-the-trainer session, analysis of participant evaluation data (as well as production of a report on the benefits of the training for your participants), and all training materials.

Contact us with questions about establishing a partnership through the LeadershipPlenty® Institute. Direct all inquiries to and include “LeadershipPlenty®” in the subject line. We look forward to the opportunity of working with your organization and community in the near future.
  The LeadershipPlenty® Process, Step-by-Step  
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Contact Pew Partnership
Make contact with us through e-mail ( and put “LeadershipPlenty®” in the subject line. We will answer questions you may have as well as discuss costs, benefits, and potential timeframe for implementation.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Training Options
The LeadershipPlenty® Institute offers two ways to certify people in the LeadershipPlenty® program. First, there is on-site training for 20-25 people in your community. The second is an opportunity for smaller teams of 3-5 people to be trained off-site through our partnership with Virginia Tech University at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center in Roanoke, VA. Please contact us directly for more details on this option.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Decide on Date and Place of Training
In the community on-site training you will need to identify 20-25 individuals to receive training who agree to offer the program through their organization or neighborhood. Your organization and the Pew Partnership for Civic Change will set dates for the training based on availability. Since the training takes place over a three-day period you will also need to begin considering a location and how to provide meals and refreshments for 30 individuals (a rough total of both trainers and trainees) for that time period. 
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
The Three-Day Training
Over a period of three days, two experienced trainers from the Pew Partnership for Civic Change will train your 20-25 individuals in how to deliver the nine-module LeadershipPlenty® curriculum. Participants must remain for the entire three-day-long session and sign a Terms of Use agreement in order to be considered certified by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change to deliver LeadershipPlenty®.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Offering LeadershipPlenty®
So we have 20-25 newly certified LeadershipPlenty® trainers – now what? Those trainers return to their respective organizations and use the plan of action developed at the training for recruiting participants, obtaining a place for the training to occur, budgeting for the event, planning the training, and securing any funding needed to defray the costs of implementation. The LeadershipPlenty® resource webpage has a checklist of specific steps for delivering the program that should make implementation easy.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Once trainers are trained and certified, implementing LeadershipPlenty® locally is not expensive. Our Implementation Guide prices the total cost of materials for a nine-module program at $183.50. This excludes possible costs such as room rental, refreshments, and photocopying expenses. The Pew Partnership for Civic Change has also created a password-protected website filled with LeadershipPlenty® resources available for download. Because trainers can cut costs by desktop publishing rather than photocopying we have provided the module handouts and evaluation materials in PDF. Also available are LeadershipPlenty® logos that can be used to “brand” handbills and posters used for training and recruitment purposes.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Evaluation surveys are administered at three points in the implementation process: before the first module, after the last session, and six to twelve months following the conclusion of the program. An independent evaluator analyzes the survey reports and generates a comprehensive report for you and your organization at no additional charge.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement
Upon completion of the program, participants receive a LeadershipPlenty® certificate of program completion produced by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change. Many of those implementing LeadershipPlenty® have held celebrations and award events to honor the graduates and present the certificates. This is a great opportunity for guest speakers (the Governor of Nebraska attended the graduation of one LeadershipPlenty® class) and for the local press to cover the event and perhaps generate both momentum for the graduating class and increased interest in the next class.
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